COVID-19 Information

 2020-2021 Health & Safety Guidelines and Practices

We are excited to begin the new season of Carolina Junior Cotillions on Friday, October 9, 2020 at Walnut Creek Country Club in Goldsboro.  In preparation for the upcoming season, the following guidelines and safety practices have been established to ensure participants’ health and safety:

  • WCCC Ballroom will be disinfected by chemical fogging prior to each event.
  • An approved Attestation Form and temperature reading below 100.4 will be required for each participant prior to exiting their vehicle.
  • The Ballroom will be marked to maintain 7 feet of separation between participants.
  • Students will interact, dance, and participate in activities without individual contact.
  • Face coverings will be required unless positioned 7 feet apart in the Ballroom.
  • Disposable name tags and individually-wrapped refreshments will be provided.

Parents interested in learning more about the guidelines and practices established to safeguard student health & safety during the cotillion season may view this short video from Mrs. Pressly.


Registration Guidelines

Should the Cotillion season be cancelled due to COVID-19, tuition payments will be refunded.  Individual sessions that must be cancelled due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled according to WCCC Ballroom availability.

  • parent testimony

  • "My daughter is extremely shy, and at first, did not want to do Cotillion. But after finding out that all of her friends were doing it, she decided to join and she LOVED it. She is so excited to do it again in the fall. I think it was a very good experience for her and a confidence booster. Thank you for the fun aspect you put into it as well as etiquette."

    ~Pamela Respess