Dress Code

Just as they’ll have to do more and more as they grow older, we encourage our students to “dress for the occasion” at Carolina Junior Cotillion events. The images shown here and the guidelines below provide a handy reference for participants.

  • Ladies:

    • Semi-Formal: Dressy dress, no strapless (5th grade – white gloves)
      Nice Casual: Dress or skirt (5th grade – white gloves)
      Casual: Jeans/Pants, nice blouse, casual shoes, no gloves

    (Gloves are only required for fifth-grade participants. Excessively short dresses, leggings, and flip flops are not acceptable.)

  • Gentlemen:

    • Semi-Formal: Jacket, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes
      Nice Casual: Tie, slacks and dress shoes
      Casual: Jeans/Pants, collared shirt, casual shoes
  • parent testimony

  • "My daughter is extremely shy, and at first, did not want to do Cotillion. But after finding out that all of her friends were doing it, she decided to join and she LOVED it. She is so excited to do it again in the fall. I think it was a very good experience for her and a confidence booster. Thank you for the fun aspect you put into it as well as etiquette."

    ~Pamela Respess