Inspiring Young Leaders

Marshals play a critical role in the success of Carolina Junior Cotillions programs. They not only assist the staff with several important functions (as detailed below), but they make the students feel welcome and get them oriented to their first steps in Cotillion. As they serve in Cotillion programs, Marshals learn new skills and gain confidence from knowing that they contributed to “the Carolina Junior Cotillions experience” (an experience that’s been making great memories for participants since 1981).

Due to the large number of applicants, our older marshals tend to be scheduled more often; as they continue to serve and support different event functions, so, too, does the number of events our experienced marshals support. The Fall Organization Meeting is mandatory for all marshals, whether new or returning to Carolina Junior Cotillions.

What It Means To Be A  Marshal:  Description of Duties

Two to three Marshals who will open doors for members and greet them.

Front Door Greeters
Greet members at entrance and direct them to the registration table.  “Good evening.  Welcome to Cotillion.”

Introduction Instructors
Inform students on the correct way to greet Mrs. Cherry or Mrs. Pressly, including eye contact, firm handshake and verbal greeting.  Double check nametag is on the right side.

Coat Attendants
Assist in hanging up coats and direct members to receiving line.

Receiving Line Assistants
Greet Cotillion members in receiving line with firm handshake and good eye contact.

Attendance Chart Checkers
Check in members and complete data spreadsheet.  Inform adult assistant of head count prior to start of Cotillion.  Remain at station until ten minutes after Cotillion starts to assist late arrivals.

Line Leaders
One young lady and one young man to organize and control one line of young men and one line of young ladies for Grand March.

Grand Marshal Directors
One Marshal stands at the opposite end of the dance floor to direct the members to the left or right.

Post Assistants
Six Cotillion Marshals to position themselves to assigned posts during Grand March, line dances and circle dances to keep formalities of members for dances.

Kitchen Assistants (in Kinston)
Two Cotillion Marshals who will work with adult assistants to prepare snacks, clean-up food, drinks and trashcans on dance floor during refreshment time.  Return kitchen to original condition after Cotillion.

Refreshment Servers
Marshals distribute napkins, drinks, and refreshments.  Marshals rotate to monitor trash collection and assist with spills.

Bathroom Monitors
One Marshal stationed at designated door to control flow of bathroom usage. One male Marshal and one female Marshal will periodically monitor the inside of the bathrooms during refreshments and at the end of the evening.

Nametag Collector
Collects and organizes nametags at the end of each session.

Door Monitors
Monitor doors during refreshments and dismissal.

Carpool Patrollers
Assists parents by placing members safely in/out of vehicles.

Carolina Junior Cotillions Marshal Application

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being a Marshal for the current season.
Priority will be given to applications submitted prior to August 1st!

*Note: Payment not required

Carolina Junior Cotillions Marshal Application

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Applications/ letters to be returned ASAP. Auditions / brief meeting in September-details mailed in early September.

    Thank you for your willingness to serve others at Cotillion!

  • Parental Consent/Signature

  • I am aware that my child has applied to be a Marshal for Cotillion. I understand this is an important service/volunteer position for the cotillion program. It is imperative that my child respond via email on the Tuesday prior to Cotillion.
  • Use your mouse to sign your name in the box below.
  • Marshal Volunteer Agreement / Contract

  • I agree to discuss with my parents the responsibilities of being a Marshal, as well as, the importance of responding promptly to all email correspondence. I also understand that I will be scheduled to serve more as I get older but will continue to exhibit my ability to serve others as a strong leader.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
  • Parent Testimony

    Thank you for offering your talents, abilities, and expertise to so many of today’s Young people. I hope they are able to understand what a privilege it is to be part of Cotillion. 

    -Christy A Shivar