Cotillion Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Kinston Chapter of Carolina Junior Cotillions. 

2021 CJC/K Registration Form  – Please print off and mail to:

CJC/K at  760 W Fire Tower Road St. 107 #118, Winterville, NC 28590


“Registration Partner” Option 

Parents now have the option to coordinate with another family/child to register their child with a partner of the opposite gender. This option is to ensure enrollment and to avoid placement on the waiting list. Please note that this “partnering” is for registration purposes only!  This option will not impact student dance partner pairing during Cotillion events. Parents of both students should record the pairing of their child’s “Registration Partner” on their child’s registration card, located at the top of the form. Pending capacity limitations, each student is then guaranteed enrollment upon receiving registration and payment from both parties.

Wait-List Policy

Our registration procedure is based on a first-come, first-served basis and a gender balance. We strive to keep the numbers of ladies and gentlemen in our program equal, so everyone will have a dance partner. That’s why attendance at all seven events each program year is important.

We only place students on a wait list when absolutely necessary. If your son or daughter is placed on wait list, you’ll be notified and provided with an opportunity to choose among the wait list options explained below. Regardless of the option chosen, account balances must be received by August 31st to avoid a $25 late fee.

Example of Wait-List Option #1

Students may remain on the wait list, retaining their respective positions based on the postmark date of their registration forms. Students will be removed from the wait list as the gender imbalance corrects itself through students joining the class. Students will be removed from the wait-list based on the postmark date of their registration form. We will notify you of a change in status ASAP. Full refunds will be issued to students unable to register due to gender imbalance.

Example of Wait-List Option #2

Students may be removed from the Wait List and receive a refund. Students may reapply for Cotillion the following year.

Younger Sibling/Legacy Information

Interested in having a younger child/sibling invited to cotillion?

Please fill out our Younger Sibling/Legacy Referral 

  • Four Things Etiquette Is NOT

    by Emily Post

    Misconceptions about etiquette and the need for it abound, which make it necessary to list four things that etiquette is most certainly not:

    A set of rigid rules. Manners change with the times (something Emily Post emphasized from the beginning) and today are more flexible than ever before. Etiquette isn’t a set of “prescriptions for properness” but merely a set of guidelines for doing things in ways that make people feel comfortable.

    Something for the wealthy or well-born. Etiquette is a code of behavior for people from all walks of like, every socioeconomic group, and of all ages. No one is immune to having his life enhanced by good manners.

    A think of the past. Sometimes it seems that yesterday’s standards have gone out the window, but today’s more casual approach to things is something that sits on the surface. The bedrock principles of etiquette remain as solid as they ever were.

    Snobbishness. Little violates the tenets of etiquette more than snobbery---which, more often than not, is just another name for pretentiousness. A person who looks down on others shows himself not as superior but small---the kind who’s anything but respectful and considerate.